5 Steps to Supporting Mental Health at Work

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More than 56% of employees have stated they haven’t received any mental health support or training from their employer since March in a survey by mental health organisation, TalkOut. The pandemic has seemingly highlighted how mental health support and awareness in the workplace is lacking. Levels of anxiety and depression have increased as a result […]

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2020 Graduates Face Unemployment and Uncertainty

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It’s a complete cliche, but 2020 has been one tough year for everybody. Many are counting down the days to the 31st of December just to finally rid the chaos that has arisen from COVID-19 and more. With the economy struggling and businesses having to reduce staff and working hours, unemployment is prevalent. As of […]

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How Simulation Could Transform the University Experience for the Better

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2020 has seen a surge in use of technology, with COVID-19 forcing many to work from home and Zoom calls becoming a daily occurrence. Never has an application shaped society more than it has this year, and with a second wave predicted to hit the UK according to Johnson, technology use could become even more […]

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COVID-19 Highlights Factors of Structural Racism That Put Latino Communities at Risk

Crowded housing, air pollution and occupational factors may be putting Latinos at higher risk of COVID-19 in the US. A newly-released study has confirmed the beliefs we’ve had for quite some time. Structural racism is still prevalent and its’ factors have put Latino communities in the United States at high risk of COVID-19. Lead author […]

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Black Mental Wellbeing Matters Too – Bath Mind

The BLM movement has been fighting for change for the last seven years, inspired by previous civil rights movements and against centuries of continued racial discrimination. Whilst the end is far from near, 2020 has put its foot down and demanded change is made and equality is striven towards. Although this is a vital time, […]

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COVID-19 Hits US But The Nation’s Biggest Threat Lies Elsewhere

Despite a pandemic on their hands, gun violence and its knock-on effect persists throughout the country. Will America ever relinquish their killing machines? “I’m afraid when I go into public if I accidentally cut someone off in traffic, that a someone will pull a gun on me. It’s a feeling of unease knowing anyone can […]

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3 Tips For Staying Motivated Whilst Working at Home

Cartridge Save spoke to business leader and CEO of Welbot, Mykay Kamara on how to make working from home a success. Most UK-based offices have been closed due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, leaving employees needing to self-motivate through working at home. It is crucial to consider the possible implications this can bring on mental […]

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Mental Health Remains Ignored In The Workplace.

Gwen Jones explores poor and unsupported mental health in the working environment. Racking my brains for a physical health reason that could justify not going into work seemed natural two years ago whilst battling a bout of depression and anxiety. My brain struggled to swing my legs out of bed and get up, let alone […]

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Has Brexit Influenced An Increase In Racism?

“We go into schools and young people say to us “why can’t we be racist when the American president is a racist?” Has Brexit encouraged racist attitudes? Police report figures have shown “a double of hate crime within the UK” in five years. With the ongoing issues of Brexit and islamophobia it seems “we’ve gone […]

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